Meet Ms. Nadine

Nadine Sasse

Dance Instructor

Originally from Long Island, New York, Ms. Nadine started dancing at the age of 2. She started to competitively dance at the age of 7 at Dorothy’s School of Dance. She studied all forms of dance, including ballet, modern, tap, hip hop, and contemporary. She's won multiple regional and national titles, including National Champion at The Contest of Champions in Walt Disney World Florida. After high school, Ms. Nadine joined the Marine Corps, and recently retired after 20 years of faithful service. She has received multiple certifications from CLI and DancemED on topics ranging from choreography to injury prevention. Ms. Nadine loves to teach all forms of dance, but has spent the last couple of years focusing on the strength and conditioning aspect of a dancers journey and creates both individual training plans and studio training plans. She attends various classes and seminars focused on strength and conditioning through out the year. Ms. Nadine is married to her husband Jason and they have two children, Riley and Jason.

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Strength and Conditioning

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